Biznatch Services:

Here's a list of our popular services available. How can Biznatch Enterprises help you? Contact us to find out!

Your ideas can become reality...


Application Development

We can create customized applications for Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA/7, Ubuntu Linux, PHP Web, C+, Microchip®, I-phone/Pad, Android and more upon request. If you dream it, we will build it!

If you have an idea for useful software, but don't know how to write source code; our skilled development team can create unique, easy to use solutions. Our flexible rates allow for all projects to meet their budgets. With over 20 years in-house experience, a vast network of freelance developers... we're dedicated to our customer's satisfaction! The best solution is one that's simple.

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Do you need advice for a software or website project?
Want more visitors to your website?
Stuck on a programming error or bug?
Want to learn about the internet's profit potential?
Interested in learning about renewable energy solutions?

If the answer is yes, Biznatch Enterprises is ready to help.

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Data recovery

Did your computer crash?
Having hard-drive head-aches?

If the answer is yes, we can help recover your data. Using advanced software, un-corrupted data can be recovered even if your computer won't start. If your hard drive is giving errors, making noise, won't turn on, or suffered impact damage... the data might still be accessible by professionals!

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Tech support

We can offer online or offline technical support at an affordable rate.
Don't navigate through the world of technology without a guide!

Supporting Ubuntu Linux, Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA/7, Android, Apple, Web-Servers, etc.
If we don't know how to help you, we will find someone. Don't be frustrated, get educated!
Feeling out-dated in your computer skills, don't worry... our 1-on-1 mentoring can help.

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Website & graphic design

If you're looking to start an online presence for your business, we can create an affordable solution.
We build web-sites that meet the requirements of our clients. Everything is coded by us, or our affiliates... we can provide long-term support for all our projects. By helping our clients manage and update their own web-sites, integrating it to be a beneficial tool is why our clients are so happy!

We can provide: domain registration, web-site hosting in numerous data-centers world-wide, graphic and template design, custom PHP programming & database frameworks... and much more.

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