Biznatch Enterprises (4616198 Manitoba Ltd.)


Biznatch Enterprises (est. 2002) is a Canadian incorporation. Celebrating its 11th year in 2013!

Providing web-design, software development, and other technological services. More recently: offering consulting services in the renewable energy industry.

Biznatch Enterprises creates environmentally friendly & affordable solutions. We're working on products that can deliver clean energy at an affordable cost, released publicly using open-source standards & creative commons licensing. We want to encourage other entrepreneurs to use our products and services, and create their own profitable businesses. We believe the simple act of inspiring leaders, is the first step to ensuring renewable solutions reach the marketplace. We encourage cooperation and peaceful competition implementing green-technology. Contact us to see how you can GO GREEN!

Our Background:

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Founded with the attitude: if you don't know how, then learn! As president & CEO, I am a self taught computer programmer, web-designer, and much more. Incorporating my ideas into a business after graduating high-school, i've made my own dreams a reality. I will now devote the future mission of my business; to help others do the same. Always expanding my abilities, focusing on networking with key business individuals, ensuring future projects turn potential customers into satisfied clients. Also, learning from our mistakes...

Biznatch Enterprises has cooperated with various free-lancers, contractors, and professionals while completing projects. Our business relations will continue to grow. We would like to expand as a group, we invite anyone to help us whenever possible. Cooperation is the key to success. I thank all of you who've helped in the past!